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The City of Waterloo is located in the heart of Southern Ontario in the beautiful country of Canada.

For a quick map please see the following: City of Waterloo

Travelling from the 401:

Busker Site Map and Parking

The Busker Carnival itself is located behind Waterloo City Hall at 100 Regina Street South and William Street East as shown in the site map below. Please note that due to LRT (Light Rail Train) construction, not all parking noted on the site map may be available during the carnival. Please go to the PARK N RIDE section for an alternative way to park and ride into the carnival site.

Parking (GPS Coordinates)

Parking is available in various locations around the carnival.

Click GPS coordinates below to view map.

A - Alexandra Lot Entrance:
N43 27.683 W80 31.385

CS - Caroline South Lot Entrance:
N43 27.693 W80 31.386

WTSS - Waterloo Town Square South Entrances:
N43 27.696 W80 31.362
N43 27.748 W80 31.404

WTSN - Waterloo Town Square North Entrances:
N43 27.835 W80 31.476
N43 27.873 W80 31.475
N43 27.897 W80 31.425

CC - City Centre Lot Entrance:
N43 27.815 W80 31.165

P - Uptown Parkade Lot Entrance:
N43 27.824 W80 31.277

R - Regina Lot Entrance:
N43 27.861 W80 31.250

S - Station Lot Entrance:
N43 27.891 W80 31.261